Neil Douglas
Neil Douglas

Neil Douglas was a Talk Show host for over 15 years, exposing the truth of the politics that is destroying America. He has interviewed many individuals, who have carried the banner of truth of what is going on in this country and the world, some well known, others not as recognizable. But, all are the strongest Americans you will ever find.

One of those patriotic Americans was Aaron Russo, who produced The Rose with Bette Midler, Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroid. More importantly, Aaron Russo was a strong believer in America and the Constitution.

He started the Constitution Party and asked Neil to head the Indiana division. Because of his broadcasting responsibilities, he had to decline the honor.

Another American patriot and strong believer in the Constitution that Neil had the pleasure of interviewing, was Linda Thompson, an Indianapolis attorney. Unfortunately both Aaron Russo and Linda Thompson died at relatively young ages.

Neil has also interviewed US Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown, when he was with the Clinton Administration. Shortly after, he was killed in an airplane crash. Speculation was, he had been shot in the back of the head. Truth or conspiracy theory, no one knows Federal whistle-blower and activist, Stew Webb, is another patriotic American Neil has interviewed.

When attending a press conference with Bill Clinton, Neil asked about Nafta, and also, when there would be an independent investigation of Waco. There was no response, other than a quick end to the press conference.

Neil has also substituted for talk show hosts Tom Donahue, and Bo Gritz , who was one of the most decorated military heroes of our time.
Neil’s internet talk show, American Truth Finders, searched for the facts of what is going on in America that is leading this country down the wrong path. In this quest to sort out the facts, there will be many theories.

Some will be found to be truths, some non-truths. And, there will always be the conspiracy theories. American Truth Finders will investigate many theories, and gave it’s listeners the knowledge to separate fact from fiction. Whatever the political position, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or whatever, if it’s not the truth it will be exposed.